Garmin Golf Watch Review – The Garmin S1 Approach Reviewed

I will be writing this Garmin カリトケ because Garmin, the foremost leader in GPS units around the world did it again. The recent addition of the S1 Procedure GPS watch for golf is every golf enthusiasts ideal, and is collecting great reviews from users around the world.

The main Garmin S1 Approach is a stylish, comfortable, and extremely complete wrist watch that functions as a GPS unit for the activity of golf as well. Gone are the days of fumbling for your clunky hand held machine because now you can wear your location on your wrist at all times, and check out great doing it!

With this watch, you have access to over 07, 000 courses world wide already preloaded so you don’t have to love your favorite course being in there. You will never have to pay a monthly subscription of any kind either, which is another great feature of this product.

You can conveniently find accurate distances to the front, mid and back of the greens in the turn of your wrist. This timepiece also functions as an odometer, so you can track the distance everyone walk very conveniently, and it works off the course in the process!

Some things this tool lacks, is the abilities to do such thinggs as show course hazards like water or sand, path layouts, and keep stats and scores of any kind.

I really intend my Garmin golf watch review to be helpful to one, so here are some of the pros and cons of this watch:


  • – No fees to access courses
  • – Instant access to 16, 00 courses
  • – Instant distances with the time for your wrist
  • – Durable
  • – Stylish
  • – Flexibleness to use in other facets of life


– Limitations at distances to front, middle and back only

instant Battery life is a bit on the short side for a watch tutorial this watch is reported to get about 3 weeks about battery life is only used as a watch, and only 8 numerous hours of continuous battery life if used as GPS. For that reason 2 rounds would be difficult without charging

Overall, I’m sure the new S1 Approach GPS golf watch is a great resource for an avid golfer. Like every other tool, it has that it is pros and cons, but I believe the pros vastly outweigh the side effects. Having the ability to use as on odometer for every day implement can come in very handy. The watch is a stylish, versatile, together with useful tool that every golfer would love to have. I hope this Garmin golf watch review has helped.