How does a water softener really work?

In such a second installment of “Water Filters, ” we will be thinking about whole house filtration systems for iron, manganese, and hydrogen sulfide removal along with iron bacteria and coliform bacteria. If you should use a whole house filtration system, what to use, why use a particular variety of filter system and how to apply the right system for your drinking water and home.

Frequently, water treatment professionals refer to h2o that is extremely high in iron, manganese, and H2S like “problem water” because it can be a challenge at times to find the appropriate solutions to treat particular water problems and water chemical break down and quite frankly it can take some experimenting with different methods to obtain the right treatment method that works effectively and consistently.

In the primary article “Water Filters 1” we discussed using cartridge type pre-filters. Which as we discussed are mainly for sediment taking away although there is a myriad of cartridge filters that can be used for chlorine and lead removal, along with taste and odor filtration. The types of cartridge filters available (for specific water problems) and sizes are just mind-boggling. As discussed in this web site, in every article, a water analysis is the most important thing inside determining the right water treatment system for your water. To do some research for this blog I looked at quite a few “YouTube” videos because I was curious as to what some of the so-called industry experts were

This is a nightmare!!
recommending for iron and smells filtration. What I would say from the videos I seen is “Don’t watch any of those videos”. They all more or less recommended exactly what I said not to do in “Water Filtration system 1”. Listen, if you have too much iron or ANY odor as part of your water putting a filter cartridge before or after the water softener is a very short-term fix and is NOT going to solve the trouble! Even if you put a bigger filter or a series of bigger filtration systems before or after the water softener systems it won’t fix the problem! All you will end up doing is spending a lot of money replacing filters and owning water that is ok until the filters get plugged for a second time. And guess what. That 20″ BB carbon filter you have to for odor removal, could easily cost over $1000. 00 every time you change it, for a short-term fix, possibly any 1-3 months! That is just not a practical solution to the problem or simply a cheap solution in the long run.

Water treatment solutions take the suitable approach to assure consistently great water for many years and choosing the right water treatment professional to fix your water problems is often like winning the lottery. It’s been my experience of which for every water treatment expert, there are ten, (what I enjoy refer to them as), hit and run water remedy companies. Where they literally just take your money and go. So it pays to do your research and find a good water cure expert to keep you in great water and you for years to come. If you want to do this yourself, and you are very useful at plumbing. Then you’ve come to the right place! We’re going to help you understand how this all works and find the right normal water treatment solutions for your water and family.

What is the simplest way to tell if you need a whole house filtration system?
1 . You have to apply water softener salt like Red Out salt, Procedure Saver salt, iron fighter, etc . to help your waters softener remove iron or manganese.
2 . You use any sort of powered additives like Iron Out, Rust Out, Softener Mate, etc ., to treat your water softener for iron/rust problems.
3. You are constantly cleaning your toilets, wash, dishwasher, and sinks on a regular basis to remove stains.
4. Your spouse or girlfriend needs Malibu treatments to remove all that golf club from her hair. Then again orange hair is in manière these days!
5. Your clothes come out with rust stains, discolored or simply spots. Especially whites.
6. Your water is continuously discolored. Especially the hot water.
7. Your water is regularly rusty, smelly, has a musty odor or has a swampy smell to it.
8. Your water is causing ulcération on sinks and appliances. Rusting out or even taking in metal away.

If you answered yes to any of these questions you need a whole home filtration system. I would have to say, in our area, about 75% of the well water we test needs an iron filtration system, before a water softener, to assure all the metal and manganese is removed along with trace amount of hydrogen sulfide.

I can’t stress enough that a proper water investigation is key in finding the right water treatment solution to treat your mineral water. Especially when it comes to problem water solutions. PH levels engage in an especially important role in these problem water solutions as acidulent water makes it much more difficult to oxidize, precipitate and clear away iron, manganese, and H2S. If the water is too acidulous (below 6. 5 PH) an acid neutralizer, just like calcite and corosex media, may need to be added to boost the PH to levels above 7 (Neutral). The good news is myriad of filter media options to choose from to treat every water dilemma so I will just stick with the most prevalent filtration medias for problem water treatment. Every water treatment dealership has their preference and knows what works best in their space by trial and error. Or I guess I should really say perform, practice, practice.

Another very important aspect to look at when getting rid of any well water is the well itself.
1 . Will be the well cap intact and sealed properly?
2 . Could be the well tank working properly? Pressure Gauge, Switch, retaining pressure, not waterlogged and has the proper precharge pressure with the switch.
3. Is there enough water pressure and gallons per minute of water to operate a water treatment procedure efficiently. Minimum water pressure should be 30psi.

The most important thing throughout beginning to solve your water problem is to take notes on the amount you see going on with the water in the home and outside and if people hire a professional discuss this with them fully. Take them at home, show them the problem areas. Toilets, showers, dishwasher, etc . As soon as helping a homeowner solve their water problems listening to these folks as they describe the problems with their water is always the first step plus vital in any treatment solution. They live with it every day and may currently have valuable insight into something that is not quite apparent when i bought it the water tested. Hey, water can be really weird at times as well as people living with it every day have a lot of insight towards helping you solve their problems!