Most Exciting Pubs in Overland Park

Beer is one of the most cherished beverages in Overland Park. Craft beer is a specialty here that gives you the authentic taste and flavor. Barley and Oatmeal are the two essential ingredients of the beer you get to taste here. There are tens of breweries that make 100s of branded beers that are famous all over Overland and the rest of Kansas. The Tart Apple Radler is one of the locally crafted beers that are seasonal during summer and spring.

Beer Pubs

Llywelyn’s Pub is housed in an old Church that creates a classical environment around you. The range of beer flavors available here is breathtaking. You can get a big menu from which you have to choose the best. Frankly speaking, it is a bit confusing since all the beers look and taste great.

The second pub you will love to visit is the Rock and Brews on 5701 W. 135th Street, 66223 Overland Park, United States. It has an open layout with plenty of large tables and high-rise stools at the pub deck. You can listen to pop and rock music on the patio of the pub. The crafted beer at this pub is much stronger for whatever reason, but it is delicious and tasty.

Papa Kenos Pizzeria at 7901 Santa Fe, 66204 Overland Park is a great hangout place for teens and youngsters. The three main types of beer you can get to taste here are Franziskaner, Samuel, and Deutsches brands. All of them have rich ingredients with tolerable alcohol content. The pub is also known for the strong flavors of indigenous rum.

Fox and Hound at the 10428 Metcalf, 66212 Overland Park is you’re the most favorite place if you love mild and moderately strong beer. There is plenty of music over here that makes your experience at the pub truly memorable. The best things you like about the pub are old oak seats and tables that will bring back the memoirs of the late 70s and early 80s.

Brew Top Pub and Patio

The pub at 6601 W 135th St, Overland Park, KS 66223-7898 is a great place not only for the great beer but also the tastiest food you can get to eat over here. The pub opens at 11 in the morning and remains open until 2 am. There are two main categories of beer here from the Northland and Overland. The first category is known for the rich ingredients of wheat, barley, pilsner, and a sour ale. The locally brewed beers are always fresh and exciting over here. 

Fire-stone, Free State Oatmeal, Boulevard Tank, German Fresh IPA, and Blonde Ale, are some of the most delicious beers from indigenous Overland breweries you can find over here.

Food is a great experience with shrimp, Buffalo wings, veggies, and chicken as the special recipes. The fusion of buffalo and chicken recipe is something you will love to taste every time you visit the pub. Deep-fried pickles with the indigenous beer will be a heavenly experience you have ever had in the pubs of Overland Park. Smart Foundation Systems

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