Things to Consider When Buying a Combi Oven – In 5 Simple Steps

The very purchase of a combination oven (Rational combi oven) is often one of the largest sized expenditures any operator of a commercial kitchen will make. It, therefore , that you invest in the correct one. Before you do so , right here are our 6 points to consider:

• Features: These include having a wholly programmable machine for pre-set menus and units the fact that “clean themselves”. Experienced combi oven suppliers will help you on these and other features.

• Services: Combi ranges can be powered by electric or gas. Most electronic models require a 3 phase supply. They all generate hot steam so require at least 1 x 15mm cold water supply. Finally, do not forget about a drain. The waste outlet regarding many units can be very low while others require the throw away to include an air brake or tundish to be installing.

• Accessories: To get the full benefit of your combi your oven you will require accessories. These include plate racks and trolleys just for regen cooking and stacking kits and stands.

• Ventilation: All Combi ovens should be under an extraction canopy. If this is not possible, however , some of the more advanced manufacturers at this moment produce ovens that have “built in” ventilation such as the Hans Dampf “HoodIn” from MKN. MKN, along with other premium labels, also offer a factory-fitted extraction hood to many of their packages. This gives you the option to site the oven anywhere in your company kitchen.

• Access: As basic as this may seem, don’t forget most combi ovens are large and heavy. Please check it will definitely fit into your kitchen. It really is not comical when your shiny new (expensive) oven gets stuck from a door frame half way up two flights for stairs!

• Reliability: Last but certainly not least within 6 point guide. MKN Hans Dampf models are actually continually being fitted in marine environments because no one needs to tell 600 oil rig workers lunch can’t be made because the oven’s not working! And Rational ovens now include a 2 years warranty. They do this because they know it is unlikely to break down. Both brands offer real value and peace of mind.

Not everybody expects you to know all this. It’s your job to worry about providing a quality product. It’s your combi oven supplier’s position to ensure you’ve got the best tools to do so. This is why online wedding catering equipment distributor Caterdeal are offering a full consultation service together with a free site survey if necessary. Contact them now to ensure you gain the most value from your combi oven purchase.