Top 5 projects of IRB Infrastructure Developers Ltd

Probably India’s leading road and high building companies, IRB Infrastructure Developers Ltd, led by Virendra D Mhaiskar, operates one of the largest project portfolios in India through 12, 800 lane Km. The company is known for accomplishing complex projects under difficult terrains. IRB Infrastructure incorporates a portfolio of 17 owned projects and 7 undertakings under O&M contracts as a project manager for IRB InvIT. Having successfully completed 7 concessions till meeting, IRB Infrastructure has forayed deep into the infrastructure community. IRB has been associated with the prestigious golden quadrilateral project. Additionally, it is the first company to launch India’s only Infrastructure expenditure of money trust known as InvIT.

Listed below are some of the top ongoing aum?ne of IRB Infrastructure:

(1) Yedeshi-Aurangabad NH 211 Undertaking It was in 2014, when NHAI (National Highway Guru of India) and an SPV of IRB Infrastructure Developers Ltd entered into a concession agreement to develop, employment and maintain theYedeshi-Aurangabad NH 211 Project. The company was entrusted to expand the 189. 9 km section of NH 211 between Yedeshi and Aurangabad from two lanes to four lanes on DBFOT basis. The work includes 15 vehicular underpasses, 56 bus bays, 4 railway over bridge, 57 minor bridges, 5 serious bridges, 194 culverts, 73. 71 km service way, 18 pedestrian underpasses, 5 flyovers, 3 toll service charge plaza and 98 intersections. The cost of the project is certainly Rs 3, 370 crores. The Yedeshi-Aurangabad project entails the section of NH 211 from km 100. 00 to km 290. 20. The project links Dhule and Solapur via Chalisgaon, Yellora, Daulatabad, Aurangabad, Beed, Yedeshi and Tuljapur. The Yedeshi – Aurangabad NH 211 Project caters to various types of traffic, including urban, suv and regional traffic. (2) Kaithal to Rajasthan Border NH-152/65 In 2014, an SPV of IRB Facilities Developers Ltd and NHAI (National Highway Authority connected with India) entered into a concession agreement to develop, operate and gaze after 166. 26 km Kaithal to Rajasthan border element of NH 152/65 project. The project was a 2 blevins highway, and IRB was entrusted to convert it right into 4 lanes for safe and better connectivity. The significance of Kaithal-Rajasthan border section is significant, as is traverses as a result of 4 districts of the Haryana state namely Kaithal, Jind, Hisar and Bhiwani. The nodal towns on the period are Kalayat, Narwana, Barwala, Hisar, Barwa and Siwana. The project comprises of 5 vehicular underpasses, 71 intersections, 1 railway over bridge, 13 minor bridges, 241 culverts, 20. 90 km of service road, 15 pedestrian underpasses, 5 flyovers and 3 toll rate plaza. The project cost is Rs 2290 crores. (3) Solapur-Yedeshi NH 211 In a bid to develop the 98. 717 km section from two lanes to four lanes, an SPV of IRB Structure Developers Ltd and the NHAI entered into a concession settlement in 2014 to develop, operate and maintain the Solapur-Yedeshi a natural part of NH 211 project. After the completion of the project, Solapur-Yedeshi highway turned into a busy corridor. Better connectivity not only manufactured the even flow of commodities, but also helped on the distribution of the products in the least possible time. The Solapur-Yedeshi NH211 project caters to urban, suburban and regional page views. The project has 4 truck lay bye, 72 bus bays, 1 railways over bridge, 25 trivial bridges, 2 major bridges, 134 culverts, 33. 622 km service road, 11 pedestrian underpasses, 7 flyovers, 66 intersections and 2 toll fee plaza. The buying price of the project is Rs 1492 crores. (4) Ahmedabad-Vadodara NH8 National Highway Authority of India and IAVSETPL (IRB Ahmedabad Vadodara Super Express Tollway Private Limited), an SPV of IRB Infra entered into a don in 2011 to expand a 102. 3 km section of NH8 between Ahmedabad and Vadodara from two to help six lanes and improve the 93. 302 km portion of existing Ahmedabad – Vadodara Expressway (NE 1). NH 8 is one of the busiest highways in the subcontinent as it hooks up the national capital Delhi to the financial capital Mumbai, and other major cities, including Gurgaon, Jaipur, Ajmer, Udaipur, Ahmedabad, Vadodara and Surat. The project comprises of 7 vehicular underpasses, 4 railway over bridges, 20 insignificant bridges, 4 major bridges, 186 culverts, 14 pedestrian underpasses, 15 flyovers, 125 intersections, 13. 3 km dandi heritage route and 126. 08 km company road and 2 toll fee plaza. The cost of often the project is Rs 4880 crores. The Ahmedabad ~ Vadodara NH 8 Project is also a part of most serious and prestigious Golden Quadrilateral project, undertaken by the NHAI. (5) Pune-Nashik NH50 The Ministry of Road Vehicles & Highways (MORTH) and an SPV of IRB Infrastructure Developers Ltd., entered into a Concession Agreement on 2003 to develop, operate and maintain the Pune Nashik area of NH50 Project. The SPV was entrusted to extend a 29. 81 km section of NH50 between Pune and Nashik in Maharashtra from two lanes that will four lanes. The project consists of 13 intersections, almost eight minor bridges, 2 major bridges, 3. 3 kilometres service road and 2 toll fee plaza. The money necessary for the project is Rs 73 crores. The Assignment Stretch of NH-50 passes through the districts of Pune, Ahmednagar and Nashik in the state of Maharashtra. The very Golden triangle of Mumbai-Pune-Nashik is known as a future hub with development. The Pune–Nashik section of NH-50 mainly caters to the exact long distance traffic having major contribution of trailers/containers alongside passenger traffic visiting various pilgrimage centers near Pune and Nashik. Virendra D Mhaiskar click the link for more info