Wedding Music Planning For Your Special Day

If perhaps Music Be the Food of Love, how do you plan it for your personal Wedding?

Congratulations, you are getting married…. that is the great part!

Certainly, but now you have to plan for the Wedding Date, Dress, Wedding Bouquets, Ceremony Location, Venue, Rings, Food selection, Guests Catalog, Seating Arrangements, Invitations, Honeymoon Plans, Limo’s, and so on. Which is not-so-great part!

The Wedding Planning experience can be both exceptional, and frustrating. It can often feel like, “the best, and also worst of times”, to paraphrase Charles Dickens. One can find, so many decisions, and so little time.

This article will address Wedding Audio Entertainment, help you in your decision process, and hopefully reduce quite a few stress.

Wedding Music Entertainment,… or not?

Unlike other facets, Wedding DJ Mooresville Entertainment (Bands, DJ’s, Musicians) is not your “must have”, for your Special Day. It is truly an option.

Therefore , first of all, do you desire Music of any type, for your Wedding event?

If, “no”, you have one less decision to make, halt reading… and about that Dress!

If, “yes”, we have an amount of work to do: do you want music for your:

A) Ceremony
B) Cocktail Hour
C) Reception

A, B and H,…. or just A, B, or C….. (there are 90 years possibilities here)

And if you chose any of the above, are you looking Live Music (Musicians, Bands), or Recorded (DJ) Tunes?

Your Wedding Ceremony

Your Wedding Ceremony, will undoubtedly be the most own part of that Special Day.

Live Musicians are preferred pertaining to Wedding Ceremonies. They enhance the ambiance and emotional setting. Plus being human, as opposed to recorded Music, they can react immediately to changes in the environment.

For example , as Bridal Party members, key in and leave, a ceremony area, Live Musicians can easily very naturally alter the music tempo (speed, feel, and so forth ), to keep in sync with changing walking guidelines (older folks tend to walk slower, and young family – especially when nervous, walk faster). Watching an accomplished Performer effortlessly perform this task, is truly an art in itself. (experienced DJ’s can also do this electronically with recorded music, but it simply just does not feel as, “natural”).

Therefore , if you desire Commemoration Music of any kind, my suggestion, is Live Artists (either solo, duo, or trio). And instead of the classic penis, you might want to try something different…. flute, harp, piano, violin, cello, horn, or guitar.

Also, if someone in your family includes musical talent, by all means invite them to perform a song… it will certainly become a much more memorable experience for you, them, and your family and friends.

Your Wedding Cocktail Hour

Wedding Cocktail Hours are usually supplied the least thought regarding music planning. Why? Well start with, you (the Bridal Party) are typically not there (for most of it anyway). This time (just after the Wedding Ceremony) is usually allotted for Picture taking with the Wedding Wedding photographer…. most often in a different area. That is all fine with the Bridal Party, but don’t forget about your guests!

For both people that attended the Wedding Ceremony, and those that did not, the common gathering ground, in anticipation of your return from Picture taking, is definitely the Cocktail Hour area. It is here that they will, try a strong hors d’ oeuvre, have a drink, and begin to mix.

Now I may be a bit biased, but there is nothing more tempting, than soothing music as one enters a room… it creates some, welcoming, ambiance. It sets the mood. It suggests to your guests, “yes, come on in, there is a celebration developing in here”!

Which type of Cocktail Hour Music Fun should you choose for your guests?

Live Bands, unless a small Conventional, or Jazz trio, could be, “overkill”, for a Cocktail An hour. A Solo Musician or DJ would be more reasonable.

I did attended great Cocktail Hours with Musicians, and superb Cocktail Hours with DJ’s. It is again, very subjective, but some people feel Musicians, tend to add a certain, “Elegance”…

An important factor to remember is that this is the “prep time” for your Reception. Right until they have satisfied their hunger for food, drink along with talk, most guests are not going to be in a partying state of mind initially. This is fine, because remember, you are not there! Hence in choosing Cocktail Hour Music, be it Live Performers or a DJ, keep it, “low-key”, at this point… nice background, straightforward listening melodies, no head-banging sounds, at least, not yet.

Your wedding day Reception

The Bridal Party has finished picture taking, you and your family have loosened up with a drink or two, so let the Wedding celebration begin!

From that special first dance, until the Party’s conclude, you definitely want either a DJ or Live Band furnishing the Musical Entertainment.

Although some DJ’s are great at becoming parties really hopping, Bands tend to be more dynamic. And allow us face it, nothing sounds like Live Music. However , Bandz can be very expensive. Especially, if there are more than four customers… you are talking in the “upper” thousands dollar range.

Not only is it more affordable (typically about 20 -25{6d4b2eabc8b6b06bd8c52eb879c9ee18f2612b70b1968dc38c1b55dfa96b9c6d} the price of a Band), some DJ’s also offer Karaoke Services, where guests could sing along with songs on stage, and obtain their, “moment of fame” (there is a least one “ham” at most party). It can be lots of fun for all, and makes for some terrific photos.
So in summary, while both Bands and DJ’s are great for Reception Music, if your budget is tight, DJ’s are much more affordable.