What Happens if I Don’t Maintain My Pool?

Pool maintenance is one of the most important things you as a homeowner can do. Your pool is a large portion of your home investment. If you don’t maintain it properly, even in seasons when you don’t expect to use it, you can encounter a number of problems. If you are unsure of how to maintain it, you should rely on our specialists at Macon Pool Cleaning. We’ll come out with the tools and resources necessary to get everything cleaned up and have your pool looking brand new in no time. 

If you don’t maintain your pool properly, these are some of the issues you can run into: 

  • The longer you leave your pool without maintenance, the more you’ll see the color start to turn a shade of green, which often indicates that algae is starting to build up. Mold and bacteria quickly become a severe problem and there’s an unhealthy chemical balance. This algae has nowhere to go in your pool and can cause significant issues to your system.
  • Failure to maintain your pool can lead to damage to your filtration system, the pool liner, and even cause cracks. This damage can cost a significant amount more than the expenses you can expect to pay with maintenance. While cleaning it regularly with a net can help, you should have a professional come out to take a look and see what else needs to be done.

Pool maintenance is more than just using some chlorine and a skimmer basket. It takes real care to ensure your pool is free of any potential problems and can last for a long time. At Macon Pool Cleaning, we’re aware of just how important your pool is to you. We’re ready to work with you to get your pool as pristine as possible and ready for the summer months. Even if it’s the winter, pool maintenance is necessary to prevent problems.

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