Why Shouldn’t I Get A Cheap Explainer Video?

Almost everyone that is conducting online marketing has heard of explainer videos. This is the most popular video marketing tool nowadays. Marketers are very excited about the results they get but what if I tell you that explainer video is not always a good idea.

You might be shocked but let me explain what I mean.

An explainer video is just a marketing tool.

So you have a new service, startup or product and you want to get the word out. What are you going to do? Even your budget is very tight you should do several things to have some brand identities and basic connection points with your future clients.

  • You create a logo, some brand colors – general branding
  • You create a website
  • Marketing materials
  • You build social media

And, you’re trying to make everything custom. You can not use a logo or website content that is used by other companies, can you?

So, why would you choose explainer videos that are used by other companies? I was talking about templates or other cheap options like online video creators, explainer video for five bucks, and so on.

What is behind online explainer video creator?

Ten years ago, Dropbox published its explainer video, and it was booming. That video helped the company get the word out and make a lot of money. Everybody was talking about that success since it was breaking through the case. What was happening before that?

Companies used to spend a lot of money on any commercial videos and pray to have any success.

So everybody started talking about the new tool named explainer video. The success was incredible, and demands exceed supplies. Everybody wanted to have an explainer video, but not everyone had enough budget. Reacting to the circumstances, some smart people created cheaper options: templates, online platforms, online video creation services, etc.

But the thing is that these platforms create videos based on templates. You can customize some options like text animation or logo, but other things may not fit your branding. It does not seem dangerous in representing your brand or company.

Also, we live in a world where if you should grab someone’s attention fast with compelling and unique content. Question:

How are you going to catch someone’s attention with something that they have seen a million times?

What about the quality of online video creators?

When it comes to text animation, they are OK. Animation no.

The fact is that creating an explainer video template costs five times more than creating a custom video. The companies invest so much money as they know that they can sell the video multiple times. But as the competition is very high, they started to decrease quality as they can invest a lot of money and sell the current template just 10-15 times.

As a result, you guys invest maybe not much but get something that does not work.

Also, wise marketers know that it is not important how much you invest the more important is what is ROI (how much you will get from your investment).

So, if you invest in an explainer video $3000 and it brings you $10000 value that is a great deal for sure.

On the other side, if you invest $250 (the price include expenses for the script) and it does not bring you anything, there is a missing link. Also, what about the time you invest? You invest at least 10 hours — so multiply that number to the number you evaluate your one-time work.

And the most terrible thing is that low-quality video that explains about your company. No matter how much time and money you’ve spent, bad videos can affect your company’s image badly.


It is better to choose custom explainer videos. Templates videos can be cheaper, but they don’t make your business standing out. If you don’t have enough budget, you are eligible to write script and screen capture videos by yourself. Just make sure you have good script and voiceover in your video.